Have I been wrongfully terminated? How do I know for sure?

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What’s the best step to take if I believe I have been fired for unjust reasons?

williebmitchell Answered question March 23, 2022

Here are some situations wherein the firing of an employee can be regarded as unlawful:

  1. Your dismissal goes against your contract.
  2. There’s strong evidence that discrimination may have been the reason for your termination.
  3. You were fired because you’ve filed a complaint concerning a workplace-related issue concerning you or a co-worker.
  4. You acted as a witness for another employee.
  5. You submitted a complaint concerning health and safety violations in the workplace

This list barely covers how an employer could wrongfully terminate an employee. But if your situation does fall under at least one of these instances, you should visit AMFLLP.com and consult with a wrongful termination lawyer in Los Angeles

williebmitchell Answered question March 23, 2022