Does it cost money to start a YouTube channel?

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money to start a YouTube channel…

FrankDBell Answered question March 9, 2020

Technically no. Signing up for a YouTube account and uploading videos is absolutely free. However, depending on the type of videos that you want to create, you may need to invest some money into services and equipment. Here are some of the things that I pay for to create my YouTube videos: 

Camera Equipment 

Having good camera equipment is essential if you want your videos to look professional. You can rent camera equipment but I found it more cost-effective to buy it.


In all of my videos, there is a voice-over needed, so I usually pay a professional to do this for me. This improves the quality and makes it seem more professional. 

Editing Software

In order to edit my videos, I have to pay a monthly fee to use the software that I need. Without this software, my videos wouldn’t be as good, as free software gives you less freedom when editing.

FrankDBell Answered question March 9, 2020