Do stay-at-home moms qualify for spousal support?

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How is alimony determined in California?

Lorraine Stowell Answered question March 27, 2022

In California, the nature of spousal support is such that it is paid to ensure that the other spouse can maintain their current standard of living. 

California acknowledges two types of alimony: permanent and temporary. The length of spousal support for permanent alimony has no end unless it’s revised or terminated. On the other hand, temporary alimony is paid over a determined period. The goal of paying temporary alimony is to help the spouse get on their feet after divorce. 

Here are some things that get factored in when determining spousal support in California: 

  1. Current income of each spouse
  2. Current ability to pay
  3. The ability of each spouse to get a job and support themselves after the divorce
  4. The current financial requirement to maintain the standard of living
  5. Other factors (e.g., age, health, etc.)

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Lorraine Stowell Answered question March 27, 2022