Dating in America is so casual.

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I met David on the first of my four days on the Lyon tour. . On the second day, I accidentally revealed to him my deepest secret, which I had never confessed to a man before. Instead of getting scared, he grabbed me and wiped my tears with his thumb. On our final night, she told me that she loves me. “I know I’m not going to say it so soon, and I don’t want you to say it back.” “But… I do.”

I liked that, sure. But love? You can’t love someone you barely know, right? Again, I have never been in love. Perhaps I am a cynical American woman who has put too much weight on the term.

Now that I live in France the whole time, I find that accepting someone’s love right outside the gate is nothing outrageous. This is one of many cultural differences: the French go all in from the beginning. Accepting your love early – or immediately treating someone like your lover or girlfriend – usually turns out to be needy, aggressive, or sociopathic.

David seems to be none of those things. Just sweet, romantic, fearless. So I went with it. I may never be able to see him again, I thought. Since then, I have met many American women and expatriates, who have quickly grown into relationships with French men. And most of us have found it very misleading. On the first day American business owner Kelly Clarke arrived here, he hit it with a Frenchman. After being together for a few days, he sent her a Facebook message saying that she had booked a flight to Barcelona to join the next leg of her journey. Instead of being annoyed by this grand gesture, she was surprised because there were language barriers. She could say that she wanted him to join her as she told him the specifics of her travel plans. After returning to France, he invited her to join him for a week in Venice.

I think we were just hooking up on vacation, a summer fling, skinny-dipping and drink-spirit kind of thing. I didn’t realize we were ‘dating for a month in our relationship with american dating sites. , “He said,” after stumbling into a conversation where I was interested in putting a definition on it. “At first he was surprised by his commitment. “It was far from what I was used to, and I was pleased with it. I liked it very much… ‘My feet swayed by romance,’ who knows no bounds or boundaries. Like Mary and many American women, Clarke was used to dating American men, who until then were concerned about being labelled anything. A few months have passed. Rarely were you in a relationship hooking up. But for her current boyfriend, it meant they were official

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