Can needling damage skin?

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Is there any damage to skin when you go for needling?

john smith Answered question March 13, 2023

Certainly, you won’t see any damage provided that you prefer a certified and experienced aesthetic doctor or skin specialist. However, these advanced skincare treatments are based on the concept of micro injuries. With ultrafine needles in a dermapen, your skin is punctured. Sometimes, it bleeds, but you won’t feel the pain because an anesthetic is applied on your surface before it. It makes your skin senseless for a while.

But yes, it is not an ideal treatment for those who have thin blood or take blood thinner. They should avoid this therapy. The patients of eczema or diabetes or weak immune system should avoid it. Otherwise, it’s an effective treatment that won’t cause any damage.

Alicewi willson Answered question January 28, 2023
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