Can I still run on trails even during the cold winter months?

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I know that this activity will require winter running gear, so I’d also like to know the things I need to remember when choosing winter running gear.

Isabelle Barunga Answered question February 21, 2021

It’s true that you can still do trail running during winter. That said, you still should not neglect the importance of having the right winter trail running gear. Even if you love the cold, you should choose the right gear and wear enough layers, otherwise, it’s your body that will have to make the sacrifice by using its stored heat to keep you warm. Wearing the right clothes will also reduce your risks of getting frostbite.

So, how do you choose the right gear for winter trail running? Run Trails gives some important tips:

  1. Find clothes that give you the right insulation. You can try a selection of clothing made with merino wool and polyester blend as these ones do an efficient job at keeping your body warm.
  2. Aim for the perfect fit. This will eliminate the need to constantly adjust your gear as you run.
  3. An added feature: breathability. It’s not enough that your gear fits well and it keeps you warm. Breathable clothes let you stay warm without making you feel suffocated.

Find out what clothes are recommended by Run Trails for those who are into running trails during the winter. Visit their website today.

Isabelle Barunga Answered question February 21, 2021
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