Can I get compensation for a brain injury?

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Can I get compensation for a brain injury?

Jessica Branson Answered question September 5, 2021

This really depends on the situation. It all comes down to whether you are responsible for the injury or if someone else is. For instance, if you get drunk and decide to climb up some scaffolding, before falling and hitting your head, then you are to blame. However, if you’re a passenger on a bus being driven dangerously or you’ve been taken rock climbing by a tour company that didn’t give you a helmet, then the responsibility may lie with someone else.

In these instances, you may well be entitled to significant compensation. Brain injuries are life-changing and you deserve compensation for this. The only way to find out would be to contact a traumatic brain injury lawyer. They’ll look at your case and let you know whether you have a chance of winning it. You can start looking for a lawyer who specializes in brain injuries by visiting Abramson, Smith, Waldsmith LLP.

Eric Tomlinson Answered question July 25, 2021
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