Can I file a personal injury claim?

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I slipped and fell hard while shopping.

Kevin Mei Answered question January 18, 2022

Potentially yes, but it depends on the details. Before you go running to talk to a personal injury attorney, it’s good to brush up on some basics about personal injury law. The first thing to remember is that you only have a valid claim if you were injured by whatever accident you suffered. If you slipped, fell, and sustained no damage, you have nothing to back up a personal injury claim.

The second thing to remember is that personal injury claims are valid when the accident and injury were caused due to negligence. If the store left marbles lying around the ground or if they failed to put up a wet floor sign, that’s negligence, and you might have a claim. If you slipped because your shoes were soaked from walking in the rain, the store can’t be held responsible.

So, if you were injured and the cause was potentially negligence, you might have a case and should book a consultation with a law firm like this one.

Isabelle Barunga Answered question December 20, 2021
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