Are practical subjects more valuable than academic ones?

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Are practical subjects more valuable than academic ones?

Justin Toosey Answered question June 20, 2023

This is such a subjective question and really, it doesn’t have an answer. Both types of knowledge are important. Academic subjects determine things like how we are governed and what the solution to climate change is. Practical subjects teach us how to build and fix things. Both types of learning are crucial and they need to work together to create a functioning society. I actually used to believe that academic subjects were superior but I’ve recently learned the error of my ways.

After only being interested in mathematics and science, I one day decided to check out a place called Trade School San Jose. They opened my eyes to the importance of having a vocation. Eventually, I began studying there and have since become a qualified repairman. This has really changed my view and helped me realize that practical skills are just as important as theoretical ones. If you’re looking to apply to a trade school, then you can do so by visiting this website.

James Deluca Answered question August 9, 2021
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