Are driveways damaged during the winter season?

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How do I prepare my driveway for winter?

Charles Miller Answered question April 22, 2024

When winter season comes, your driveway becomes vulnerable to structural problems. The extremely low temperatures during winter can damage the floorboards and pipes that’s why it is extremely important to spend time preparing your driveway before the winter season kicks in.

Driveways come in different types. There’s the concrete driveway, the gravel driveway, and the grass driveway. Each type of driveway requires a different type of care and preparation. Concrete driveways are most vulnerable to damages during the cold months and as preparation, you have to make sure all cracks in the concrete are sealed. This prevents melting snow from seeping in the driveway.

For a grass driveway, the main thing you have to be concerned about is protecting the gross from snow. You can protect the grass by sand topdressing. For a gravel driveway, make sure you don’t top up your gravel before winter begins because topping up gravel during winter will prevent the gravel from being compacted properly into the ground below. You don’t have to worry about structural problems with your gravel driveway when you use Ecodeck gravel grids because these grids are stable up to -50C. 

FranciscoWhitmars Answered question August 28, 2019
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