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5Homework.com claims that it has been in the business of writing services for approximately 11 years. This is not the case as we have only information that goes back six years. It is an operational writing service. We are providing this review to help students make an informed decision before using 5Homework.com services.

We have reviewed the entire content of this company’s website. This includes testimonials, writing samples, blog posts, customer reviews, customer reviews, and our own experience by ordering a college research paper.

This is all we know about 5 Homework: on GlobalHack: https://globalhack.org/5homework-com/
Products and services
5Homework.com provides writing services for students at all levels, from high school to graduate. All written products, from basic essays to Ph.D. dissertations, are included. The company website offers a variety of products. You can also get editing and proofreading services, as well as admissions and scholarship essays and assistance with homework assignments. Students can also pay for online classes.
Website Quality
5Homework.com is organized well, with links to the most relevant information at the top and bottom of each page. Additional links are provided at the bottom to specific pages. Site loads quickly. Each page has clear and concise information.
Quality of Products and Services
This is where the problems begin. We have examined several factors to determine quality. The following are the results:

  • We looked at a few samples the company proudly displays. They are terrible. They are written like a middle-school student in upper elementary. The resources are too basic for college-level use. There are many composition errors, and word usage errors indicate that the author is not native English.
  • Customers have complained about similar issues. Customers have complained about the same issues, and they received no revisions.
  • These same issues were also found in blog posts that were supposedly written by bloggers.

Overall, 5 Homework isn’t a scam or fraud, but it isn’t the best quality.

We were not happy with the customer service responses that we received when we reached out to them on three occasions. First, we didn’t get specific answers to our questions. This tells us that they are using an answering service and not trained support representatives. Second, we were told that we could obtain a competitive Ph.D. dissertation with 200 pages in just a few days if we had almost $6000.00. This is absurd.
Pricing and Discounts
The pricing for 5Homework is low-average for the industry. Given the high quality of 5Homework, we are not surprised. This should serve as a warning to students to not choose services that are too cheap. We could not find any discounts or promo codes for new customers. We asked customer service for any special pricing and were informed that large orders sometimes receive coupon codes. One time, the site offered a 10% discount for those who provided their email address to subscribe.
Extra Features
Although we didn’t find any additional benefits, we weren’t charged for the title or bibliography pages. So we believe these could be considered to be benefits. Any additional services a customer may need, such as a plagiarism report or a title page, will be charged.
We found very few things to praise 5 Homework when we reviewed the pros and cons. Poor writing, poor customer service, and poor quality are just some of the problems with 5 Homework. There is also no BBB membership. This writing service is not recommended by us and we have given it a “Poor” rating.

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